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God's Work. Our Hands.

God's Work. Our Hands.

God's Work. Our Hands.God's Work. Our Hands.

Weekly Worship and Devotional Resources During COVID-19

Deacon Gary will provide a daily spiritual practice and a weekly devotional and video worship experience that you can participate in during this time when we cannot physically be together. You are  encouraged to use these resources at your leisure as a way of taking some time away from the anxiety of the world and focusing on your relationship with God. Videos are below and all downloadable devotional resources can be found on the Documents page of the website.

Spiritual Practices-Praying in Color

Why Pray in Color?  1) You want to pray but words escape you. 2) Sitting still and staying focused in prayer are a challenge. 3) Your body wants to be part of your prayer. 4) You want to just hang out with God but don’t know how. 5) Listening to God feels like an impossible task . 6) Your mind wanders and your body complains. 7) You want a visual, concrete way to pray. 8) You Need a new way to pray .  For more information: Praying in Color

March 29 Prayer Service

A prayer service recorded at Christ Lutheran with music, prayer, and scripture reading by Deacon Gary and organist John Warful. For this service you are encouraged to bring a bowl of water with you while watching so you can participate in a remembrance of your baptism.  (18 minutes)

March 29 Worship Video

A focus on God’s word with a scripture reading and sermon reflection by Deacon Gary and his wife, Pastor Stina. (14 minutes)


About Milton Lutheran Parish

About Milton Lutheran Parish

About Milton Lutheran Parish

Milton Lutheran Parish is a partnership of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church in Milton, PA.  

Formed in 2016, our ministry is centered in faith formation, parish community life, worship, and fellowship, and engagement in the greater Milton community. We warmly welcome everyone to our worship services, bible studies, fellowship and outreach opportunities.


Our Mission and Vision

About Milton Lutheran Parish

About Milton Lutheran Parish


Serving God through faith formation, worship, service, evangelism, and fellowship. 


Our energy is ignited by being active and intentional in faith formation, worship, service, evangelism, and fellowship. Guided and directed by the Word and Spirit, we are empowered to be a transforming community for Jesus. 


Worship and Faith Formation

About Milton Lutheran Parish

Worship and Faith Formation

Deacon Gary Schaeffer serves as Milton Lutheran Parish’s interim pastor and leads our service on the fourth Sunday of each month while we welcome supply ministers on the other Sundays of the month.  Our Sunday worship service alternates between our two churches with March services at Christ Lutheran at 9:30 am. The current bible study is on Tuesdays at 9:30 am at Trinity Lutheran and is a book study on "The Bad Girls of the Bible."   All are welcome. 

Upcoming Meetings, Events, and Worship Services

Based on the recommendations of the Center for Disease control and prevention and the decision of the Governor of Pennsylvania to implement a statewide shutdown, the decision has been made to postpone all in person gatherings at the church including worship, and all other activities, for the time being. This decision is not one that is made lightly, but one that is made in prayer and out of a concern for the health and safety of our whole community. 

Please know that as the old Sunday School song goes, “The church is not a building, the church is the people," we continue to be the people of God, though not physically gathered for a short time.  We recognize that it is important to be in prayer and focus on our relationship with God.  Our staff, councils, and leadership are developing opportunities for providing spiritual nurture to our congregation during this time.  More information about how you can engage is coming.

In the News

March Message from Deacon Gary

 As we begin our Lenten journey this month, the first Sunday in Lent begins with the story of Jesus being tempted by the devil in Matthew 4:1-11. 

It’s easy for us as Christians to forget just how human Jesus was. We often see him as perfect, beyond reproach, powerful and strong. We focus on his miracles, his ability to teach us lessons in life, and see him as model for our daily lives. The text in Matthew 4 shows us a different kind of Jesus. 

For 40 days Jesus is fasting, he’s tired, he’s hungry, he’s lonely. He’s drained physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. And in this vulnerable state the devil comes and tempts him. He challenges Jesus to change his circumstances, to eat food and to leave the wilderness. 

I wonder how many of us have been in a similar place. How many times have we felt what the very human Jesus is feeling in this passage? We too can become drained. We, too, can feel lonely, abandoned, like no one understands. And it’s in these moments when sin can easily take over. We become tempted by selfishness and fear. We seek to blame others for our circumstances, even God. 

These 40 days of Lent are a reminder for us that God has been there too. That God understands our suffering and temptations. As we journey together toward Easter, let us not lose sight of the grace that is in the world right now. Let us too stay focused on our relationship with God and one another. 


Deacon Gary Schaeffer 

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