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Milton Lutheran Parish

God's Work. Our Hands.

God's Work. Our Hands.

God's Work. Our Hands.God's Work. Our Hands.

About Milton Lutheran Parish

Milton Lutheran Parish is a partnership of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church and Trinity Lutheran Church in Milton, PA.  

Formed in 2016, our ministry is centered in faith formation, parish community life and fellowship, and engagement in the greater Milton community. We warmly welcome everyone to our worship services, bible studies, fellowship and outreach opportunities.


Our Mission and Vision


Serving God through faith formation, worship, service, evangelism, and fellowship. 


Our energy is ignited by being active and intentional in faith formation worship, service, evangelism, and fellowship. Guided and directed by the Word and Spirit, we are empowered to be a transforming community for Jesus. 


Worship and Faith Formation

Deacon Gary Schaeffer serves as Milton Lutheran Parish’s interim pastor and leads our service on the fourth Sunday of each month while we welcome supply ministers on the other Sundays of the month.  Our Sunday worship service alternates between our two churches with March services at Christ Lutheran at 9:30 am. The current bible study starts February 25 and is a book study on "The Bad Girls of the Bible."   All are welcome. 

Upcoming Meetings, Events, and Worship Services

  • Milton Lutheran Parish March Sunday Services are at Christ Lutheran at 9:30 am. 
  • Deacon Gary Schaeffer, Milton Lutheran Parish interim pastor, is with us each fourth Sunday of the month. If you haven’t met him yet, come worship at Christ Lutheran at 9:30 am, March 22. His service and message always inspires.
  • Weekly Bible Study is Tuesdays at 9:30 am at Trinity.  Throughout Lent is a book study on "The Bad Girls of the Bible" starting February 25.  Books are available for purchase.  This study is a look at the stories of women in the bible, the things they have done, and what it means for us today.
  • Combined Christ and Trinity Councils meet on Tuesday, February 25 , at 6:30 pm at Trinity.
  • Check the monthly newsletter for more. 

Click to visit the Calendar Page of our website for all information about  worship services, events, and meetings

In the News

February Message from Deacon Gary

This month we have the privilege of reading Jesus’s sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes in Matthew 5:1-12. This passage is one of the most familiar passages for Christians. But often times we misinterpret this passage to focus on how we as people have been blessed because of the things we have, or the things we do. Instead Jesus talks about blessing in a completely different way.  

The first words Jesus offers his commissioned disciples--the first words the Gospel of Matthew records from Jesus’s inaugural sermon--are words of blessing. Blessing comes first.  We begin with blessing.  Blessing, not judgment.  Blessing, not terms and conditions.  Blessing, not penance.  

Jesus starts his ministry by telling the disciples who and what they already are: they are blessed.  Blessed, fortunate, privileged, favored.  Why?  Because they are near and dear to God’s heart.  Whatever else Jesus’s first followers go on to learn or accomplish in the future is merely the outgrowth of what is already their ground-of-being, their identity, their solid-as-a-rock foundation.  God gifts their identities to them, without condition or measure.  They are freely blessed, and so they're freed to bless others.  

What does this mean?  It means we’re not God’s nine-to-five employees, working for blessing as our compensation. We don’t endeavor to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly in order to earn God’s blessings.  We do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly because we are always and already blessed.  

What would happen, I wonder, if we who profess faith in Jesus, actually followed his example, and made it our first priority to bless others as we have been blessed?  To lead with blessing?  To make blessing our most visible and foundational gift to those around us?  What would happen to our hearts, to the Church, to the world, if we offered blessings to our neighbors as generously as God offers blessings to us?  

I’ll be honest--I’m not good at accepting blessings from others, and I’m pretty clumsy about giving blessings away.  On the accepting end, I tend to get cringy and anxious:  If I accept this blessing, will God think I’m arrogant and presumptuous? Shouldn’t my posture as a Christian be more self-deprecating?  Shouldn't I deflect and cower more?  What right do I have to bask in blessing?


On the giving end, my fears are similar:  Who am I to offer anyone else a blessing?  Little piddly me--how dare I presume so much?  What do I have to offer, anyway? 

Both sets of fears come from a refusal to accept the core identity God has given me — and given all of us.  It's not a matter of our deserving; it's a matter of God's astonishing love and generosity.  Ours is an identity of blessedness. 

Blessings, Gary 

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